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You're located far away from your French or European suppliers and  :
  • the cost of their management: audits, corrective actions ..is too high
  • their corrective action process is inefficient with repeated non-conformities
  • some are engaged in a restructuration phase which has an adverse impact on their delivery
  • the improvement of their operational performance is too slow
  • you want to be sure that they have the potential to produce according to your requirements
  • you have received initial samples which were not very representative
  • your voice as customer is not heard enough
  • Audit the quality management system or processes of your suppliers
  • Assess and determine if a supplier has the production potential to consistently meet your requirements
  • Check the representativeness of initial samples before their submission
  • Reduce of wastes in administrative and production processes
  • Quick improvement of the quality performances
  • People training, implementation of tools and organisation, in order to reach the operational excellence
  • Help your suppliers to solve quality issues definitively and quickly

Have a local representative to make your voice, as the customer, heard and  to improve control of your French or European suppliers
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